The Overview Effect

Have you ever realised that Earth is a space ship? That we are all space travellers? Earth is a house oating through the universe. Our house, our home. We live and work here. We are born here and will die here. Together with countless other creatures, we spend our entire lives on space ship Earth.

In the late 60s, astronauts saw Earth from space for the first time. It was love at first sight. Overcome with feelings of euphoria and enthusiasm an intense sense of responsibility started growing. The astronauts became aware that as residents of our planet they had to take care of our spacecraft, our vulnerable globe. This awareness never left them. This is called the Overview Effect.

Seeing Earth in its entirety, floating in a universe full of stars makes us feel more responsible. After seeing this ‘bigger picture’ you can and will not do anything else but carefully and lovingly deal with Earth. See it as a permanent mind shift. But, can we experience something similar without having to travel into space? How can these astronauts’ experiences help organizations become more sustainable? The Overview Forum examines these and many more questions.

European Overview Forum

The Overview Forum is a network of ambassadors who commit to a better world. By giving attention to the Overview Effect, they want to help more organizations achieve their sustainability ambitions. The forum works as a catalyst for the Overview Effect. It was founded during the first Overview Symposium in November 2017 and is derived from the American Overview Institute.

The forum organizes several activities for professionals and enthusiasts from the science, government, healthcare, welfare and art sectors. The forum also has the ambition to facilitate an academic and experimental laboratory for research and development initiatives specifically aimed at simulating and applying the Overview Effect. The Overview Forum shares all knowledge and experience at the annual Overview Symposium at the Columbus Earth Center in Kerkrade.

Only by joining forces can we start a movement that is necessary to make a di erence, for Earth and all its inhabitants.

Do you want to be part of this movement? Would you like to share your knowledge or experience? Or get involved in any other way? Let us know!